I know I just posted earlier, but I really wanted to take the time to write again about all the fun I had tonight.

IMG_3985.jpgAround 7 we headed over to the Chiang Mai Gate market to find places we wanted to try for dinner. I told myself I needed to try something that wasn’t pad thai or noodle soup so when I stumbled upon a place selling sushi for 5 baht a roll I new I found the winner.

The rolls being made were a little different than the ones you would usually find and they were super good! I am a little biased though because anything that has to do with sushi is right up my alley. Better yet, the rolls were being made and put out fresh. I tried 8 different roll for a total of 40 baht. It’s crazy to think that usually in the states this would cost me close to 7 dollars! I also decided to buy myself one of the strawberry Fantas because I remembered my mom sending me a picture of how at Epcot in Disney world in the place where you could sample different coca-cola’s from around the world, this was one.

A similar trend continued throughout the night with me trying a variety of food. The next thing I tried for 20 baht was egg on a stick with crab. What it basically was like was a flat omelet with some crabsticks that they simple rolled around a stick. Honestly I never thought to ever put egg on a stick before but it was awesome!!IMG_3986

After, I found myself at a spring roll stand and got the fresh kind with the soft kind of noodle wrapping versus a fried, crunchy one. I actually find myself preferring the soft ones to the fried ones because I like the texture of exterior. They are addicting.

While walking and browsing the stands there was a lady giving samples of coffee that I think had coconut in it. Anyone who knows me knows I will never reject a free sample and have no shame taking one so I grabbed the coffee and tasted it. After the second gulp I tasted something large and slimy and thought it was an actual piece of coconut. After pulling it out of my mouth and saw it on my finger I realized it was one of the super large flies that are everywhere at night. IMG_4001After that realization I ended up launching the fly. The only good part about this was that the lady working the stand and everyone around me found it absolutely hilarious, and honestly how could I not laugh at myself either…. Yes I was trying different things, but this was a little too adventurous.

Once we were done our shopping and browsing I bumped into an old man selling fresh coconut ice cream from a cart he was pulling for 10 baht. This was one thing I was told I needed to try so I jumped on the opportunity. I was not expecting the ice cream to be this rich, and surprisingly not super sweet. The small dish I had was the absolute perfect amount. It tasted as though he literally blended up a coconut with ice and then served it…. Yum!!!

So that was just a little bit of my adventure from tonight! I love trying different things here because everything is different!! I’m hoping to do the same tomorrow at the Sunday market; however, with foods that are a little more adventurous.

I cannot wait to see what tomorrow has in store from me! Good night! Have a beautiful day!!!


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