How I successfully planned a Spontaneous Long Weekend to South America

My trip to trip to South America was extremely spontaneous. Almost a month ago now I kind of randomly ended up having five days in a row off instead of just the weekend like I initially requested. In addition, the way my schedule worked out made it so I basically had six days in a row.

Bogota, Colombia

So Β the wheels in my brain started turning, and for me that always turns me into crazy travel planning mode. Basically I wanted to see if it would be possible to actually get away without spending a fortune, go somewhere I haven’t been, and find flights that were going to allow me to maximize my time.

As you can guess from me writing this, I was able to check all of the boxes, and last minute booked myself a trip to Colombia and Peru.

Long story short the way I was able to make all this happen was that I got a little creative with my departure airport and just kept searching flights until I found something that made sense. I ended up finding a flight that departed EARLY Friday morning to Bogota that would allow me to arrive between 1- 2 pm and therefore have the whole day to spend. I would say about 95% of all the other flights I found required me to get in the earliest at like 7:00pm and most of them arriving then next day. Even when I was looking round trip to Lima I would have to arrive the next day.

So I spent a little bit more money to take advantage of a whole extra day of exploring while also getting to experience a new country. My flight home from Lima ended up that I could actually depart at 10:00pm and get back around 10:00 am, and then have to drive home. I did have to go to work almost immediately as I got home but that was the least of my worries.

So all and all, I was able to successfully spend five full, jam packed days exploring Colombia and Peru. I really find myself loving this kind of travel because you can really do a lot with only having to take off 1-2 days of work if you plan it correctly.

As long as you allow yourself a bit more flexibility and time in the planning process it is possible to make it work and not spend an absurd amount of money.

Enjoy your travels and if you want someone to take over the planning process for you shoot me a comment πŸ™‚

Xx han

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