Buenos Aires Photo Story: Walking From Plaza de Mayo to La Recoleta

Back over Labor Day weekend I took a lovely trip to Buenos Aires, Argentina and Iguazu Falls. On the second day of my trip I walked over 10 miles throughout the town Buenos Aires to get from the Plaza de Mayo to La Recoleta and then continued to the San Telmo area.

Below are some moments I captured along the way, specifically during my walk along Avenida 9 de Julio to get to La Recoleta. Enjoy πŸ™‚ IMG_6017



My walk began along Avenida de Mayo, from the Plaza de Mayo until I reached the bustling street of Avenida 9 de Julio.

Along the way I found myself truly impressed by the building lining the streets and all the gorgeous little architectural subtleties in the buildings.

Similarly, I found myself thinking back to my time in Paris in 2016. I was somewhat surprised at how much I found myself feeling similarities walking along some of these streets.





After a couple of blocks walking along this busy street you will reach the Obelisco, which is pictured in the photograph to the right.

This large monument stands tall separating an extremely busy street and is actually rather magnificent.

Another fun reason to stop is that on the one end there are bushes shaped into the letters  ‘BA’ for a nice little photo op.



Shortly afterward, you will find yourself approaching the Teatro Colon, which is a spectacular theatre that can be toured. There is also a nice little park on the back end of the theatre.


Looking back, I kind of wished I had taken the tour of the inside because I think that would have been amazing to see, but with my limited time, a walk around marveling at the architecture was all I could afford.


This bike was sitting just outside the front of the theatre. Little did I know while I was taking its picture was that someone was literally waiting for me to stop so they could start riding their bike again… oops!


Now it probably should be mentioned that this Avenida 9 de Julio is a pretty major street in Buenos Aires. Along the middle runs a subway/ tram line, which would be a good option if you were looking to get to La Recoleta a bit quicker. In my opinion though, I am very much a fan of walking if I don’t have a lot of time in a place because it allows you to see a lot more and enjoy the journey rather than just the destinations.


Part of the reason why I love walking is having the opportunity to notice the subtitles of the place you are in. One thing I really have fallen in love with is noticing the architectural differences in each place and getting to see things that make that place unique. I love in this photo the contrast between this reflective, glass building directly next to this birch colored building with swirly, black balconies. IMG_6289

At this point in my walk I had turned off Avenida 9 de Julio towards La Recoleta. Along the side streets you can see little difference in the architecture. For example, the building do not stand nearly as tall. Nevertheless, there are still little eye-catching intricacies that feel little special. If you still aren’t really finding yourself realizing these details, the next time you go somewhere or look at travel photos take time to notice the colors of the buildings. Ask yourself if the architecture feel geometric and symmetrical or abstract and different. Is it abstract yet symmetric, or maybe geometric but at the same time really different? When you look at the tops of the buildings, the windows look for designs in the moulding or in some cases, you may even see that there are small statues and figures built up and into these building.

Thank you for joining me in this walk from the center to one end of Buenos Aires.

I hope you enjoyed!

xx han

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