Buenos Aires, Argentina: Bridges and Boats Photo Story

During my trip to Argentina over Labor Day weekend I spent a fair bit of time walking around by the water. I was staying at the Hilton Buenos Aires for part of my stay so due to the location I naturally had to walk around here frequently to just to get to the places I wanted to see.

The other thing I loved about being down by the water were the bridges, boats, scenic walking trails, and many dining options with cute scenic patios to sit out on.

As I was going through and grouping my photos, I found that I had quite a lot for one post. So for this post, I have compiled together mostly different photos of the Puente de la Mujer bridge and all the lovely boats that line the water.


This photo is from the second day of my trip. My first day it was quite overcast out so I was excited to wake up to blue skies.


A different perspective of the Puente de la Mujer Bridge. One of the things I have learned and come to love from traveling solo is having as much time as you want to stand around and take in all the little details. Not only do I love looking around but I love looking up. Above is a photo that shows the bride from a bit of a different angle but I love the way the architecture makes this photo so simple yet so interesting.


Here is a photo of the same boat from the first photo but looking in the direction you would walk to get to the Plaza de Mayo. Towards the left hand side you may notice a reddish colored brick building. This waterfront area is lined with several of these buildings, all of which have some really great restaurants. My first day, I enjoyed a fantastic 3 course steak dinner at La Cabana out on their heated patio with a water front view.

IMG_6080To the right hand side I have included another perspective photo of the bridge but this time with a bit of the skyline in the bottom left.

I had a lot of fun playing around with capturing the sunburst here contrasted with the bright blue sky and the almost silhouettes of the buildings.

IMG_6070The next image includes both the bride and boat from  the perspective of looking toward the Plaza de Mayo.

In fact, if you look towards the middle where the boat ends, you can see the back side of the Casa Rosada. Toward the right you can also see another one of the reddish brown building with more dining.



This photo was taken on my first day in Buenos Aires. Like I mentioned before, it was quite overcast my first day. When I first arrived, it was about 10:30am and I had just gotten off an 11 hour plane ride, spent an hour in passport control, and then taken a 45 minute ride to the city. To be honest, the fact it was so grey out when I arrived didn’t help as far as my first impression went. Nevertheless my day, and the rest of the trip was all uphill.

IMG_6040The final photo I am sharing with you to the left is another photo from my first day.

These last two photos were taking around the same time but are pretty special as the capture some of my very first impressions of being in Buenos Aires.

I know these past couple of photos may feel like a lot of the same, but I think if you take the time, you can also notice how they are very different.

A couple steps in a certain direction can drastically change the way something looks and completely change your perspective.

Thank you for taking a moment to look at these pictures and read some of these stories.

I hope you enjoyed!!

xx han

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