Let’s Take a Walk: Iguazu Falls National Park Argentina

Follow me on a journey to Iguacu Falls in Argentina to see the enormous waterfalls as well as some incredible wildlife along the way.

Good Day to you all! Here’s little throwback to my adventure in Argentina and my day exploring Iguazu Falls from the Argentinian side. If there are any questions please do not hesitate to leave them in the comments or shoot me a message.

Before I get into the picture I just have to put out there that traveling to Iguazu Falls on the Argentina side was SUPER accessible and such a seamless experience. I flew in for the day from Buenos Aires and the whole process was so simple. If Iguazu Falls is high on your list but your worried if trails are marked, how to actually get to the falls itself, or anything like that now is the time to clear any worries because getting there and seeing the falls really couldn’t be easier. (Coming from someone who arranged everything herself and proceeded to travel solo – seriously if you have questions please reach out!)

Seeing the falls for the first time literally made my heart flutter. Unlike visiting Niagara Falls, you don’t just arrive and immediately see the falls. You have to understand that Iguazu Falls is more that double the size of Niagara Falls. To get to the falls there are a series of pathways that take you to various view points. So when you get there this sense of intense anticipation really kicks in (especially if you are like me and have already been dreaming of going here for years). You are surrounded by gorgeous wildlife and nature. You can see little streams and waterways. You are walking along these paths that are occasionally touched with water. You can hear the roaring falls. Then all the sudden through a clearing in the trees you get your first glimpse of this amazing waterfall.


I don’t mean to sound dramatic, but my heart quite literally fluttered. To this day this is one of the few moments I  can look back and say my breath was truly taken away.

Once you get that first glimpse of the falls, the views get better and better and pretty soon every other corner you round is another insane view point until you reach ‘Garganta del Diablo’. I think the most notable thing about the photo about is this maybe makes up only maybe a quarter to a third of the entire waterfall itself.



As mentioned before, there are several pathways along the way you take. Pathways are clear, well marked and easy to follow. One of the highlights are all the incredible birds you spot along the way.

As you can see this ‘little’ guy was just hanging out in one of the waterways.



Once again, as I mentioned before, the further you go on the paths the greater frequency you will have of the waterfalls. To give you a glimpse of how big this waterfall and park is, I walked nearly 7 to 10 Kilometers along these pathways exploring the park throughout the day. This photo was taken at a designated viewpoint along the ‘Yellow Trail’. If you run your eyes across the waterfalls from right to left, you can see in which ways the falls continue to where they eventually form the horseshoe, although it is still not visible in this photo.


Here’s another photo taken from ‘the journey’ of getting to the actual falls itself. As I was walking the trails keeping an eye out for birds and different flowers I was caught off guard when I saw massive spider just hanging out by the trails.


Before I get to more waterfall photos, it is impossible to not mention these cute little Coatis that are hanging out literally everywhere. For example, if you go their snack stand for some lunch, there is a designated spot you to eat where you lock a fence shut so you can eat without being surrounded by these ‘sweet’ little Coatis.


The Garganta del Diablo! Once again it’s crazy to thing this photos is only just a tiny portion of the horse that makes up this famous spot. If you’ve ever been to Disney’s Epcot   you’ve flown over this towards the end of the Soarin Over the World ride. This small portion of the horseshoe actually looks onto the Brazil Side of the Waterfalls. I love the way the thousands of birds in this photos turn into tiny silhouettes in the mist of the falls.IMG_6629IMG_6841A couple other close up shots capturing a moment of stillness before the massive roar of the falls. These photos were taken from the platforms/ pathways that start to actually go towards the edge of the falls.


This photo shows the middle/ bottom curve of the ‘U’. Once again just a tiny portion but I feel this photo really captures how intense the falls feel, even though it is just a portion of the falls. This is the part that would be familiar if you ever road the Soarin’ Over the World ride at Epcot.


Walking back to entrance/ exit after this point is a bit of a walk but honestly it is a gorgeous opportunity to spot birds, and take in all the lovely natural scenery. Here was a little bird poking out from the trees. I was surprised that seeing this beautiful bird actually was quite common.IMG_6617

The last photo I will be sharing in this post today I actually think is one of my favorites from this day. I mentioned a couple times before how as you are walking through the park there are many little waterways and streams you will pass by or even pass over. Visiting one of the World’s Largest Waterfalls, you wouldn’t really think to experience such calmness, but in fact I was quite fascinated about how many moments of calm and stillness there was before moments of such intensity. The photo simply captures the way some sunlight peaked in through the trees and hit these still waters allowing for the occasional glimpse of the world below the water.

I hope you enjoyed this little journey to Iguazu Falls. When I started this post my intention was to keep it photo heavy and minimal text but once I started writing some descriptions I kind of couldn’t stop myself. Nevertheless, I hope you still enjoyed.

As I mentioned from the get go, if there are any questions please do not hesitate to leave them in the comments or send me a message/ email.

Enjoy the rest of you day xoxo.

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