Moments in Johannesburg, South Africa

If you are visiting Johannesburg I cannot recommend more the hop on hop off tour. One thing I noticed when I was planning this trip, was a majority of the things I wanted to do  or see in Johannesburg weren’t necessarily walkable. The hop on hop off tour made it SO easy to see all the major sites without having to rent a car or worrying about ubering,

My only recommendation would be if you want to see more than a couple things, I would recommend spending a full day or in a perfect world, two days to do everything. We started in the afternoon with the priority to do the Apartheid museum and by the time we finished up there (a little over 2 hours) a lot of the other things we thought about doing would have been closed by the time we made our way back on the bus.

Either way the bus was an awesome way to get around, see the city, learn the history of the city, and of course be able to enjoy some sunshine and a nice breeze from the top of the bus.

Below is a compilation of my favorite photos taken from various spots from the bus tour whether it was captured on the upper deck while the bus stopped at a red light or out on a designated spot on the tour.

Please enjoy, and if there are any questions as to what things are or how to go about planning your trip in Johannesburg please do not hesitate to reach out!IMG_7619IMG_7605IMG_7639IMG_7655IMG_7628IMG_7576IMG_7580IMG_7621IMG_7592

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