Yoga Classes

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FREE 26 Minute Core Focused Flow

FREE 26 Minute Core Focused Flow with Subtitles. I’ve put together 4 Yogi Inspired Ab Flows that will repeated for a total of 4 times to really fire up the core muscles! I hope you enjoy πŸ™‚

FREE 17 Minute Morning/Evening Stretch

Join me for the 17 Minute Morning or Evening Stretch class with basic captioning. I love this sequence for first thing in the morning or just before bed as all the poses are done reclined. I hope you enjoy!!

FREE 37 Minute Rejuvenating Yoga Flow

Join me in this FREE 37 Minute Class featuring lots of stretching and energizing movement for the body. Perfect class to start or end the day. Basic captioning included for added ease for following along. I hope you enjoy!